Sport or Recreational fishing

Recreational Fishing is a fishing activity that takes place with sporting purposes, recreation, hobby or nonprofit competition. This activity can be practiced in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries and the sea either from the shore or on a boat. Sport fishing can be divided into four types which are: release fishing or spinning, fly fishing or fly fishing, lure the bottom or jigging and trolling or trolling. Regularly and depending on the species anglers catch and release practice catch and release or to give the opportunity to other fishermen to enjoy the same experience in the future.

Torneo Don Fabio Spiegel 2011 - Isla Cébaco
Torneo Don Fabio Spiegel 2011 – Isla Cébaco

The aim of the angler is getting the best example, with the largest dimensions and weight, to win the competition; but also fun and contact with nature to break free from the pressures of today’s hectic life in big cities.

Fishing equipment characterizes sport fishing is the fishing rod; it is thought that its origins date back to prehistoric times and was possibly in the Far East where it became widespread. The image of the pattern of fishing in Japan, Ebisa, is represented with a cane in his hands from which hangs a large fish caught.

The “reel” is intended to store the line, its design has changed much throughout history: first wooden bobbins were used; then rolls of wire and wooden forks triangular shape. It is considered that it was the Chinese, as indicated by some paintings from the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the first to make use of the reel; from that time until the present models have become more complex, up to highly refined reels.