Cébaco island

 Montijo Wetland
Location Cébaco Island

It is located south of the Gulf of Montijo, it is the perfect place to escape the world and enjoy the incredible din that the silence of nature can give you. Cébaco is a peaceful, quiet people, with kilometers of pristine beaches.

For the months of September and October you can see whales and sea turtles. Only on the island you will be about as different beaches, between calm and strong waves (2 m) perfect for surfing.

Cebaco Island offers a phenomenal setting for scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and other water sports.

Geographically it has an elongated shape, of a width between 2 and 5 km and 25 km long, extending from east to west, covering an area of 8,500 hectares.


Islote Caleta Caiman
Islote Caleta Caiman

In the mountains of the island, one can find an abundance of fruit, exotic tropical hardwood trees, and fresh water from the mountains. You can see both sides of the island from the summit of the mountain.

The best way is to use our services or take another boat in Puerto Mutis at 24km from the city of Santiago de Veraguas.